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                                        Advertising and Promotions

                                        Whether you’re looking for short-term easy-to-apply window materials, vinyl floor graphics or general signage for indoor and outdoor use, our solutions include all levels of durability and various printable options.

                                        Architecture and Buildings

                                        Our wide variety of tapes provide construction professionals with durable non-visible solutions, and our architectural finishes and building graphics enhance aesthetics.

                                        Consumer Packaged Goods

                                        Our innovative packaging and labeling innovations provide end-to-end solutions to help brands from all industries make a strong statement to consumers.

                                        Electronic and Electrical

                                        Our extra light and thin adhesive materials meet increasingly emergent industry requirements for electronic devices.


                                        Our high-reflectivity materials aid public safety by remaining visible in low-light conditions and withstanding weather and wear.?


                                        Our retail solutions are designed to enhance supply chain visibility and process improvement, while increasing speed, accuracy and productivity for omnichannel retail operations worldwide.

                                        Supply Chain and Logistics

                                        We deliver end-to-end track and trace capabilities that facilitate process improvements, control labor costs, reduce the threat of theft or counterfeiting and regulate inventory management.

                                        Apparel and Footwear Branding

                                        We partner with the world’s largest brands and retailers to deliver solutions that become extensions of their brands: from graphic tickets, tags and labels to external embellishments and packaging, there is a product that perfectly meets every need.


                                        We have engineered solutions to continuously achieve higher standards of comfort, safety and design and for all your automotive application needs.

                                        Durable Goods and Equipment

                                        We produce a range of durable solutions, made to perform in a variety of hostile environments, temperatures and applications.


                                        Our suite of food industry solutions include food labeling, compliance and RFID inventory management to help ensure food safety, cost reduction, waste minimization and a more efficient supply chain.

                                        Medical and Healthcare

                                        Our durable and functional adhesives for medical and healthcare needs are designed to improve patient outcomes, facility operations and prescription deliverability.


                                        As the world’s largest UHF RFID partner, Avery Dennison RFID brings advanced efficiency, reliability, and accuracy to our customers’ global supply chains with our industry-leading solutions and technologies.


                                        We manufacture various films and equipment for a variety of transportation applications to ensure the safety of passengers and operators, while maintaining industry compliance standards.

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