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                                        Diversity and Inclusion

                                        Diversity ensures a variety of voices and viewpoints are represented across our global organization. Inclusion puts diversity into action by creating an environment of involvement, respect, and connection for every individual. At Avery Dennison, diversity means valuing perspectives, qualities and experiences that are different from our own, as well as respecting differences related to gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability or sexual orientation.


                                        Advancing diversity

                                        Diversity is inherent to our culture by virtue of our global footprint. We believe, though, that diversity needs to be more purposeful than simple geography. Our Avery Dennison Diversity & Inclusion Council, Regional Diversity & Inclusion Councils and Employee Resource Groups work to foster an inclusive culture by providing opportunities for employees worldwide to bring their full selves to work every day.?

                                        Advancing the role of women – in the workplace, in our communities and at home – is a global responsibility. We’ve made great strides in this area through a clearly defined focus, engaged leadership and inclusive hiring practices. However, women and gender diversity is not our only focus. Our diversity programming encourages all employees to “be different, be you.”

                                        What Our Employees Say


                                        Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

                                        Elevate is dedicated to strengthening a diverse and inclusive work environment by providing programs, resources, support and advocacy aimed at advancing women in leadership positions.
                                        Black Employee Resource Group (BERG)
                                        BERG promotes diversity by driving greater inclusion of self-identified African American/Black employees across the organization by building a strong support network, bridging cultural gaps, and creating allies with other employees.
                                        Unite supports the LGBT+ and ally community by offering a safe space and an in-person and virtual community where employees can network, find and share support, and discuss issues important to LGBT+ and allied employees.
                                        NEO Chinese Association
                                        NEO Chinese Association promotes Chinese culture and enhances multi-cultural exchange and mutual understanding to support and foster career growth for new and visiting Avery Dennison employees with Chinese origin.
                                        The Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG)
                                        VERG builds esprit de corps and a sense of inclusion, promotes leadership,and provides support for employees who are veterans/current active duty/reserve military and employees who wish to learn more about the Veteran experience.

                                        Our Awards and Recognition

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