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                                        European Label and Graphic Materials Early Career Program

                                        Avery Dennison’s Graduate Program in Europe is our long term commitment in incubating future talents for our organization and for our industry as a whole. As of day one, you can make a difference. You will gain insight into our businesses, develop your skills and contribute to the continued growth of our company.

                                        We invest in you by offering you the opportunity to start your professional career with a 2 years rotational program, with the chance to work on different management assignments, often in different European countries.

                                        We have opportunities in the following functions:

                                        How do rotations work?

                                        The Early Career Program rotations provide valuable opportunities to become immersed in each position you hold. Over the 2 years program, the rotations can include changing projects and often countries.?

                                        The combination of working on different assignments and projects helps to develop the skills and capabilities needed to build your career path towards leadership development, while by working abroad you will experience different working cultures. People with a global mindset thrive at Avery Dennison and it will develop yourself and your career. The rotations will be at designated locations across Europe.?

                                        Training and Development

                                        Avery Dennison is committed to provide you with a learning environment that will develop your skills and enhance your career. Over the course of the 2 years program we offer you a consistent, structured training calendar. Every quarter you will receive a training session, in classroom style or by following e-learning courses, focused on either Leadership Development skills or Functional training.

                                        These will help you to develop the skills and confidence to ask the questions that create new opportunities, spark innovation or redefine what is possible.?

                                        You will also be invited to participate in an on-boarding training during your first month with Avery Dennison, taking place in our European Headquarters in The Netherlands.?

                                        This will help to develop your professional, technical and personal skills. Next to giving you insights into our global business, our vision, values and culture, you will also have the chance to meet recent graduates, senior managers and the rest of your intake, giving you the opportunity to start developing your professional network. In short, it will equip you to make an impact once you join your team.?

                                        Peer and Leadership Support

                                        A core component of the program is the Mentoring and Buddy program. Paired with a senior leader within the organization, the Mentoring program focuses on the transition from college to corporate, leveraging strengths and defining your career path, while the Buddy is there to support you with any daily matters.

                                        Beyond the Program

                                        We are committed to your career long-term. So, having successfully completed your 2 rotations you will celebrate your graduation from the program. During your last rotation we will support you to find your first permanent role, balancing your talents and specialism with our organizational needs. These opportunities won’t fall into your lap, you’ll have to work for them, but that’s normal, isn’t it??

                                        We evaluate the performance of everyone in Avery Dennison on a regular basis. So after you’ve started with us with a competitive salary and benefits, if you perform well, we’ll ensure that you are rewarded for it.

                                        Next Program Start Dates

                                        Finance Program: 1st?September 2021

                                        All other functions: 1st October 2021


                                        Our Application Process

                                        Applications for the 2021 program intake will open mid-October 2020.

                                        To apply for the program, please:

                                        1. Visit our career page for Europe and search for the "European Graduate Program“

                                        2. Review the job description & requirements for the program/track you are most interested in

                                        3. Apply online

                                        4. Participate in our Online Assessment

                                        5. Participate in a video interview

                                        6. Attend our Assessment Center

                                        7. Decisions will be made immediately following our Assesment Center

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